Guide to Outdoor Patio Screens

For more than two centuries, screens have been used for porches, windows, and doors to keep insects out of the home. As time went on, screens have been transformed and homeowners are using screens that are more versatile and multifunctional.

Today’s screens offer a variety of features and benefits, so let’s go over some of the options you have and how you can choose the right screens for outdoor areas of your home.


Fiberglass screens can be used for patio enclosures near West Fargo, ND and are an inexpensive option. You won’t have to deal with glares from the sun, as fiberglass filters this, and it is also ideal for porches because it doesn’t crease and is very flexible. You can get screens in different colors, including black, silver, and charcoal.

Premium Metal

Screens made of premium metals are ideal for upscale homes due to their elegant aesthetic. The screen can match the look of your home easily, as it comes in numerous colors including copper, bronze, Monel, and stainless steel. Metal screens are durable and very strong, lasting a bit longer than a standard screen.

Sun Control

Sun control screens are made to control heating during warmer months like spring and summer. These screens are available in different styles and are designed to keep but out and prevent rooms from getting too hot. They block glare coming from the sun while still letting light into the area.

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Prefabricated screens are basically decorative panels that allow you to have privacy while enjoying outdoor areas. They come in numerous patterns and designs as well as materials, including hardwood or aluminum.

You have plenty of options when it comes to patio screens, so explore them all and learn all that you can so you can choose one for your home.